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Mexican Drug Cartel Knights Templar Releases Booklet With Code Of Conduct

A Mexican drug cartel calling themselves the Knights Templar – after the famed Western Christian military order – is distributing booklets to the public asserting that it is fighting against […] Read More >

Mexico Amps Up Pressure On Zetas With New Anti-Drug Strategy

In a policy shift that could end in even more bloodshed, the Mexican government remodeled its anti-drug strategy to direct added attention to the violent Zetas paramilitary cartel. News of […] Read More >

Mexico’s Calderón Meets With Sicilia & Other Victims; Defends Drug War Policy

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican President Felipe Calderón met Thursday with poet-activist Javier Sicilia and other relatives of people who have died or disappeared during the country’s […] Read More >

Mexico Authorities Arrest Leader Of La Familia Drug Cartel

Mexican federal authorities apprehended Tuesday the alleged leader of the cult-like, quasi-Christian La Familia drug cartel and claim that his arrest is a major blow to the violent crime group […] Read More >

Mexico’s Calderón Agrees To Meet With Poet-Activist Sicilia

Mexican President Felipe Calderón agreed to meet with the poet-turned-activist who recently led a high profile march through Mexico to protest the violence related to the country’s ongoing drug war. […] Read More >

Mexican Drug War Violence Leaves Governor’s Bodyguards Dead In Monterrey

Today in Latin America Top Story — Violence from Mexico’s drug war continued to plague Monterrey this week as two bodyguards of the governor of Nuevo León were found dead […] Read More >

Mexican Judge Orders The Release Of Jorge Hank Rhon For Lack Of Evidence

UPDATE: After being released from custody early Tuesday, Baja California state prosecutors immediately rearrested Jorge Hank Rhon in connection with a murder investigation. A Mexican judge ordered the release Tuesday […] Read More >

Mexican Authorities Return Former Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon To Baja As Federal Prisoner

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican federal prosecutors formally charged Wednesday the former mayor of Tijuana with illegal possession of a large cache of firearms and ammunition and […] Read More >

Mexico Debates Drug War Death Toll Figure Amid Government Silence

Today in Latin America Top Story — With no official figure released for the death toll in Mexico’s drug war for the last six months, the country’s news media are […] Read More >

Fate of Mexican Drug War Hinges on Monterrey, Report Says

The city of Monterrey has in four years become a main battleground in Mexico’s drug war and the fate of the Mexican state could hinge on what happens in the […] Read More >