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Mexico Authorities Arrest Leader Of La Familia Drug Cartel

Mexican federal authorities apprehended Tuesday the alleged leader of the cult-like, quasi-Christian La Familia drug cartel and claim that his arrest is a major blow to the violent crime group […] Read More >

United States Will Not Pledge More Money To Fight Drug Cartels In Central America, Valenzuela Says

Today in Latin America Top Story — While U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and officials from Central America will pledge to confront the powerful drug cartels operating in […] Read More >

Mexico’s Calderón Agrees To Meet With Poet-Activist Sicilia

Mexican President Felipe Calderón agreed to meet with the poet-turned-activist who recently led a high profile march through Mexico to protest the violence related to the country’s ongoing drug war. […] Read More >

Mexican Drug War Violence Leaves Governor’s Bodyguards Dead In Monterrey

Today in Latin America Top Story — Violence from Mexico’s drug war continued to plague Monterrey this week as two bodyguards of the governor of Nuevo León were found dead […] Read More >

Juárez Police Chief Will Fire 400 Officers To Clean Up Force And Combat Drug Cartels

The new police chief of Ciudad Juárez announced that he plans to lay off 400 officers by the end of the year, during one of his first interviews since taking […] Read More >

My Last Night In Mexico: Photographer Flees Country After Violence Erupts In Saltillo

John Sevigny, a native of Miami, is a photographer and writer who lived in Mexico for 10 years. He left the country last week because of the rising violence in Saltillo, an episode he […] Read More >

Costa Rica And Guatemala Reject Legalizing Drugs To Stop Violence

The presidents of Costa Rica and Guatemala rejected Sunday a recommendation from a committee of former Latin American presidents to legalize “soft” drugs in an effort to help mitigate violence […] Read More >

Fate of Mexican Drug War Hinges on Monterrey, Report Says

The city of Monterrey has in four years become a main battleground in Mexico’s drug war and the fate of the Mexican state could hinge on what happens in the […] Read More >

Mexico Investigates Grenade Attack On Newspaper In Saltillo

The Mexican Attorney General’s (PGR) office began an investigation into a grenade attack on a newspaper in the northern state of Coahuila. The attack occurred around midnight on Sunday in […] Read More >

Mexican Authorities Discover Mass Grave In Durango; Bodies Signal Split In Sinaloa Cartel

Today in Latin America Top Story — Police in Mexico discovered a mass grave in a vacant car repair lot in the northern Mexican city of Durango. The grave, which […] Read More >