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Podcast: Gentrification in Mexico City

– Look for us in the iTunes store. Gentrification is a hot topic in American cities right now, from New York all the way to San Francisco. But this phenomenon […] Read More >

The Fight for Mexico City’s Future

MEXICO CITY — Around the corner from two taco stands and a small cantina, in an otherwise nondescript section of Mexico City’s Doctores neighborhood, there is an unmarked storefront known […] Read More >

Two Confirmed Dead as Latest News on Mexican Maternity Ward Explosion Emerges

An explosion caused by a gas leak at a Mexico City maternity and children’s hospital killed two people and injured dozens more, according to the Borough Chief of Cuajimalpa, where […] Read More >

Missing Iguala Students Incinerated, Attorney General Says, as Mexico Erupts in Protests

Top Story — The 43 students missing since late September were killed and their remains incinerated, Mexico’s attorney general announced in a press conference Friday. According to Murillo Karam, the […] Read More >

Mexico’s Lopez Obrador To Start New Leftwing Party

Top Story — Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the leftwing candidate in the last two presidential elections in Mexico, announced Sunday he will start a new political party. Speaking at Mexico […] Read More >

Mexico Violence Kills Mayor-Elect, Four Others

Top Story — Three people were murdered in Mexico City and two men, including the mayor-elect of the town of Matehuala, were killed in the central Mexican state of San […] Read More >

Mexican Gov. Says Drug War Death Toll Over 47,500

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Mexican government released statistics Wednesday showing that more than 47,500 people have been killed in drug-related violence since Mexican President Felipe Calderón […] Read More >

Mexico City Legislators Push To Ban Bullfighting

Mexico City may soon follow the lead of the Spanish province of Cataluña and ban all forms of bullfighting. A pair of opposition politicians representing the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI, […] Read More >

Gay Couples Can Adopt In Mexico City, But They Aren’t Applying

Mexico City made history when the local government passed one of the world’s most liberal same-sex marriage laws. Now, the Mexican capital is one of the few places in the […] Read More >

Gay Couples May Adopt Children In Mexico City, Supreme Court Says

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexico’s Supreme Court upheld on Monday a law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in the country’s capital. The contested provision was contained […] Read More >