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Mexico’s Attorney General Releases Files on ‘Flawed’ Iguala Probe

Top Story — Mexico’s attorney general on Sunday released a massive trove of files pertaining to her office’s investigation of the disappearances last year of 43 students in the state […] Read More >

Mexico Marks Ayotzinapa Anniversary With Prosecutor for Disappeared

Top Story — Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto on Thursday said he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the fates of thousands of missing people, days before the one-year […] Read More >

Forensic Report Casts Doubt on Government Account in Mexico’s Missing Students Case

Top Story — An investigation conducted by a world-renowned team of forensic experts called into question the Mexican government’s verdict on the fate of the 43 students missing since September […] Read More >

Mexican Attorney General Officially Declares 43 Missing Students Dead

Top Story — Evidence in the case of the 43 students missing from Iguala, Mexico, since Sept. 26 conclusively proves that they are dead, Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam announced […] Read More >

Mexico’s Peña Nieto Meets With Obama Amid Missing Student Crisis

Top Story — Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto visited the White House on Tuesday, where he and U.S. President Barack Obama praised one another’s recent efforts on immigration reform while […] Read More >

Mexico Charges Iguala First Lady as Missing Student Investigation Continues

Top Story — The former first lady of Iguala, the Mexican town where 43 students went missing last September, has been charged with money laundering and organized crime in connection […] Read More >

As The World Looks To Mexico, News From Another Massacre Goes Unnoticed

The world has been focusing for almost two months on the disappearance and reported killing of 43 Mexican students by a drug gang — an act in which government forces […] Read More >

Fugitive Police Official Captured Over Mexican Students’ Disappearance

Top Story — The former deputy police chief of Cocula, Guerrero, has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of 43 students from nearby Iguala, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office […] Read More >

Iguala Major and First Lady Captured in Case of Mexico’s Missing Students

Top Story — The fugitive mayor and first lady of Iguala were apprehended early Tuesday in a working-class neighborhood of Mexico City. They went into hiding days after being implicated […] Read More >