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Haiti Delays Results For 19 Legislative Races, After U.N. and U.S. Question Results

April 26, 2011 By Staff

Haitian President-Elect Michel Martelly taking questions from the press. Photo by mediahacker.

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Top Story — Haiti’s Electoral Council delayed certifying the results from 19 legislative races Monday, after the United States and the United Nations questioned several vote counts.

U.S. and U.N. officials asked the Haitian Electoral Council how the final results could have changed so drastically in 18 Chamber of Deputies races and one Senate election. The Council also withheld results from a second Senate race that the international community did not question, bringing the total number of uncertain contests to 19.

The changes between the preliminary results and the final ones favor the governing UNITY party, which would hold 46 of 99 Chamber of Deputies seats and 17 of 30 Senate seats if the Council certifies the current results.

Irregularities and instances of voter fraud marred both the first-round presidential election in November and the second-round presidential election held on March 20 — the same day as the legislative elections.

The Council said it would hold off on publishing the results “out of concern for transparency.”

Haitian President-elect Michel Martelly called for an independent investigation and asked the international community not to support the results.

Martelly’s party, Reypons Peysan, scored only three seats in the national legislature.

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