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Falling Oil Prices, a Curse for Venezuela, May Benefit Argentina

Top Story — The beleaguered economies of Venezuela and Argentina are likely to be affected in sharply contrasting ways by a sustained drop in the price of oil, which reached […] Read More >

Argentina Becoming a Drug-Trafficking Hub, Experts Say

Top Story — Argentina is fast becoming a major transit route and base of operations in the global drug trade, according to authorities. The quantity of cocaine and other drugs […] Read More >

Argentine Judge Orders Extradition of Franco-Era Spanish Officials

Top Story — An Argentine judge has ordered the extradition of 20 former officials from Spain, accused of torturing and killing dissidents during General Francisco Franco’s dictatorship. The Buenos Aires […] Read More >

Argentina Passes a Controversial Bill to Attract Oil Investment

Top Story — Looking to take advantage of its vast and mostly untapped shale oil and gas deposits, Argentina’s Congress has passed a controversial bill that will make it easier […] Read More >

Argentina Attacks Foreign Lenders Amid Economic Crisis

Top Story – Argentine leaders lashed out at foreign lenders on Wednesday after a pair of full-page ads ran in two of the country’s leading newspapers. The ads, paid for […] Read More >

The Economist Criticized For Equating Violence Of Military Dictatorships With That Of Guerrillas

The Economist magazine stoked a controversy this week with an article arguing that memorials commemorating those killed by South America’s rightwing military governments are rewriting the past by playing down […] Read More >

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Stolen As Infant, Argentine Man Reunites With Biological Family

Top Story — The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo announced Wednesday that a man stolen as a baby during Argentina’s 1976-1983 dictatorship has finally been reunited with his biological family. Pablo […] Read More >

Argentina: Former Dictators Sentenced, More Cases On Horizon

Top Story — An Argentine court on Thursday convicted former dictators Jorge Rafael Videla and Reynaldo Bignone, as well as seven others, for their role in stealing the babies of […] Read More >

Argentina: Former Dictator Says Regime Did Not Steal Babies

Top Story— Argentine former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla on Tuesday denied that his government had systematically kidnapped the babies of murdered political prisoners during his 1976-1981 rule. Human rights groups […] Read More >

Falkland Islanders To Vote On Sovereignty

Top Story — The Falklands Legislative Assembly announced Tuesday that voters on the Falkland Islands will hold a referendum to decide whether the approximately 3,000 inhabitants of the remote islands […] Read More >