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Hugo Chavez Wins Venezuela Elections

Top Story —  Hugo Chávez won the presidential election on Sunday, defeating his opponent Henrique Capriles by over 1 million votes, with 54% of the vote. This will be Chávez’s third […] Read More >

Venezuela Election: Henrique Capriles Rally Draws Thousands

Top Story — Henrique Capriles, the Venezuelan opposition candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, led a rally that gathered as many as 260,000 supporters on Sunday. One week before the presidential election scheduled […] Read More >

Venezuela Prison Deaths On The Rise, Says Report

Top Story — The Venezuelan Prisons Observatory, a prisoners’ rights watchdog group, said that 304 inmates have been murdered in Venezuelan prison violence during the first half of 2012, a fifteen percent […] Read More >

Venezuela’s Capriles Ready to Challenge Hugo Chávez

Today in Latin America Top Story —  Venezuelan presidential hopeful Henrique Capriles was confident in his first press conference Monday after he won the Democratic Unity coalition’s nomination to oppose […] Read More >

Venezuela Prison Standoff Ends After Hostages Released

Today in Latin America Top Story — Inmates who had held hostage more than 50 guards and other prison workers in the Tocuyito lockup have released the final 12 hostages, […] Read More >

Venezuela: Supreme Court Casts Doubt On Chávez Rival’s Presidential Bid

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Venezuelan Supreme Court defied an international human-rights court and dealt a major blow to the political aspirations of one of President Hugo […] Read More >

Hugo Chávez Denies He Was Hospitalized, Says He’s Recovering

President Hugo Chávez said at a press conference broadcast by state television from Venezuela Thursday afternoon that he continues to recover from cancer treatment and denied that he had been […] Read More >

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Rallies Supporters By Phone In New York

NEW YORK — When faced with serious illness, many people turn to religion for solace and inspiration. It’s not the reaction most would expect to see, however, from the Western […] Read More >

Chávez Helped Mediate Release Of American Hikers From Iran

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuelan authorities announced that ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez helped mediate the release of two American hikers who were imprisoned in Iran for […] Read More >

Chávez Reiterates Support For Full Palestine U.N. Membership And Statehood

UNITED NATIONS — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reaffirmed his support Tuesday for the creation of a Palestinian state, in an open letter addressed to Secretary General of the United Nations […] Read More >