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After 10 Soldiers Killed, Colombia Resumes Bombing of FARC

Top Story — At least 10 Colombian soldiers were killed and 17 injured Wednesday in an attack carried out by FARC rebels, which prompted President Juan Manuel Santos to reinstate […] Read More >

Colombia Halts Air Raids on FARC Rebels, But Steps Remain on Path to Lasting Ceasefire

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — In a fifteen-minute long speech delivered on Tuesday evening, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced that the country’s armed forces will stop, for the next month, their […] Read More >

Colombia Will Halt Air Attacks on FARC

Top Story — Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos on Tuesday announced that he has ordered a halt to air attacks by the military against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, […] Read More >

Colombia Military, FARC to Clear Landmines Together

Top Story — Colombia’s military and the FARC will work together to clear landmines planted since the latter launched a guerrilla war in 1964, several media outlets reported, the latest […] Read More >

Colombian Generals Meet With FARC, a Milestone

Top Story — A group of top Colombian military generals on Thursday met with negotiators from the rebel FARC for the first time, which officials are heralding as the latest […] Read More >

Colombian Rebel Group ELN Open to Peace Talks with Government

Top Story — Colombia’s ELN, the country’s second-largest guerrilla group after the FARC, proclaimed its willingness to engage in peace talks with the government on Wednesday. The announcement follows President […] Read More >

Colombia Suspends Peace Talks Over General’s Apparent Kidnapping

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has suspended the government’s peace talks with FARC guerrillas after the group’s apparent detention of an army general, jeopardizing the future of the negotiations at […] Read More >

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Diagnosed With Cancer

Top Story — President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, announced on Monday that he has prostate cancer. Santos told reporters that the tumor is small and was caught early, and […] Read More >

Latin American Presidents Push Drug War Debate

Top Story— The presidents of Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico urged the U.N. to begin a global debate about the U.S.-backed drug war at Wednesday’s U.N. General Assembly in New York. The […] Read More >

Colombia Signs Agreement with FARC to Begin Peace Talks

Top Story — Colombia has signed an agreement to begin peace talks with the FARC, the country’s largest rebel group, President Juan Manuel Santos said Tuesday. The talks are scheduled […] Read More >