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Latin Americans March In NYC Against Climate Change

NEW YORK — The People’s Climate March drew more than 300,000 people to Manhattan on Sunday to demand world leaders to take action on climate change. Demonstrators came from all over […] Read More >

Peru Announces New Anti-Logging Efforts After Activists Killed

Top Story – Peru’s government has formed a commission to stop illegal logging on the Peru-Brazil border following the killings of four indigenous leaders of the Ashaninka community in early September, […] Read More >

Alberto Fujimori Paintings To Be Confiscated To Pay Debt To Peru

Former President and dictator of Peru Alberto Fujimori may have to give up the paintings he produced while in prison, according to a report by Peruvian daily El Comercio. Peru’s […] Read More >

Peru: Court Reduces Grupo Colina Death Squad Sentences

Top Story — After Peru’s Supreme Court reduced the sentences of members of the Grupo Colina death squad, critics on Monday raised the possibility that former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori […] Read More >

Death Toll Rises In Peru Mining Protests

Top Story— The state of emergency in Peru’s Cajamarca province continued Wednesday after another civilian was killed in protests over the $4.8 billion Conga mining project. On Tuesday, Peruvian Justice […] Read More >

Peru Says Pregnant Women Could Face Jail Time For Protesting

Top Story — The Peruvian government on Tuesday threatened to arrest pregnant women participating in a protest march against the U.S.-based Newmont’s $4.8 billion Conga mining project, based on a claim […] Read More >

Thousands Of Dead Pelicans Wash Ashore In Peru

Today in Latin America Top Story — Peru’s oceanographic agency says that it will investigate a mass die-off of pelicans in a zone where 900 dead dolphins were recently discovered washed up on […] Read More >

Peru: Shining Path Leader Says Kidnapping Achieved Objectives

Today in Latin America Top Story — Shining Path rebel leader Martin Quispe Palomino said in a television broadcast Wednesday that the guerrilla group kidnapped 36 gas construction workers as part of […] Read More >

Peru Declares State of Emergency, Search For Kidnapped Workers Continues

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Peruvian government declared a 60-day state of emergency in the Echarate region following the kidnapping of dozens of gas pipeline workers who […] Read More >

Peru: Shining Path Rebels Capture, Then Release Gas Workers

Today in Latin America Top Story — Peru’s Shining Path rebels kidnapped at least 29 natural gas workers reportedly employed by the Swedish firm Skanska on Monday, releasing most of them […] Read More >