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In Declaring Puerto Rico’s Debt “Unpayable,” Governor Shifts Position on Debt Restructuring

In a televised speech delivered in a somber tone on Monday, Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro García Padilla said that Puerto Rico’s $73 billion public debt is “unpayable,” confirming similar remarks […] Read More >

Puerto Rico Submits Budget With $674 Million in Cuts

Top Story — Puerto Rico’s government submitted a budget request on Wednesday of around $9.8 billion, representing austerity cuts of some $674 million as the U.S. territory continues to face […] Read More >

Cocaine Bust in Puerto Rico Points to Island’s New Role in Drug Trafficking

Readers, Today in Latin America will be on hiatus until Dec. 1. Happy holidays! Top Story — Puerto Rican authorities on Tuesday announced the seizure of 500 kilograms of cocaine […] Read More >

Latin Americans March In NYC Against Climate Change

NEW YORK — The People’s Climate March drew more than 300,000 people to Manhattan on Sunday to demand world leaders to take action on climate change. Demonstrators came from all over […] Read More >

More Drugs Passing Through Puerto Rico, Officials Say

Top Story — Puerto Rican officials reported that 70 percent of the 1,136 murders on the island last year could be attributed to drug violence, prompting Puerto Rican governor Luis […] Read More >

Puerto Rico Governor: Students Should Speak Fluent English by 2022

Top Story — Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño has proposed an ambitious plan to make Puerto Ricans bilingual in English and Spanish by the year 2022, an effort that he hopes will […] Read More >

Puerto Rico Police Use Excessive Force, Justice Dept. Report Says

An investigation conducted by the U.S. Justice Department found evidence that the Puerto Rico Police Department (PRPD) violated the Constitution and federal law by using excess and unreasonable force, making unconstitutional […] Read More >

Hurricane Irene Strengthens To Cat 2; Rips Through Puerto Rico

Today in Latin America Top Story— Almost a million homes are without power in Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irene ripped through the U.S. territory Monday before picking up strength as […] Read More >

Obama Visits Puerto Rico; Hopes To Gain Latino Votes For 2012 Election

Today in Latin America Top Story — Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. president since since John F. Kennedy to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday, fulfilling a promise he […] Read More >

Obama To Visit Puerto Rico In June; First Official Presidential Visit To Island Since Kennedy

Puerto Rico’s governor announced Wednesday that U.S. President Barack Obama will visit the island next month, becoming the first president since John F. Kennedy to make an official visit to […] Read More >