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Mexico: Bodies Left At Veracruz Overpass Seen As Challenge To Zetas Drug Cartel

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican authorities said Wednesday that they believe the 35 bound and tortured bodies dumped by armed men beneath an overpass in the port […] Read More >

Honduras’ Lobo Renews Commitment To Human Rights

UNITED NATIONS — Honduran President Porfirio Lobo reaffirmed his country’s commitment to human rights during a speech before the United Nation’s General Assembly on Wednesday. During the speech, Lobo pledged […] Read More >

Mexico: 35 Bodies Dumped Beneath Overpass In Veracruz Resort Area

Gunmen in the busy Mexican resort area of Boca del Río left two trucks filled with 35 bodies beneath a busy overpass Tuesday as terrified motorists looked on. Twitter messages […] Read More >

Pérez Molina Leads Guatemala Election But Faces November Run-Off

The former military general who promised a tough stance on violent crime took first place in Guatemala’s presidential elections Sunday, but failed to garner over 50 percent of the vote […] Read More >

Mexican Drug Cartel Knights Templar Releases Booklet With Code Of Conduct

A Mexican drug cartel calling themselves the Knights Templar – after the famed Western Christian military order – is distributing booklets to the public asserting that it is fighting against […] Read More >

Mexico Amps Up Pressure On Zetas With New Anti-Drug Strategy

In a policy shift that could end in even more bloodshed, the Mexican government remodeled its anti-drug strategy to direct added attention to the violent Zetas paramilitary cartel. News of […] Read More >

Fate of Mexican Drug War Hinges on Monterrey, Report Says

The city of Monterrey has in four years become a main battleground in Mexico’s drug war and the fate of the Mexican state could hinge on what happens in the […] Read More >

Mexico Investigates Grenade Attack On Newspaper In Saltillo

The Mexican Attorney General’s (PGR) office began an investigation into a grenade attack on a newspaper in the northern state of Coahuila. The attack occurred around midnight on Sunday in […] Read More >

Mexican Authorities Discover Mass Grave In Durango; Bodies Signal Split In Sinaloa Cartel

Today in Latin America Top Story — Police in Mexico discovered a mass grave in a vacant car repair lot in the northern Mexican city of Durango. The grave, which […] Read More >

Guatemala Arrests Zeta Member In Connection To Massacre

Today in Latin America Top Story — Guatemalan President Álvaro Colom announced Wednesday the arrest of an alleged Zeta leader and former Guatemalan soldier in connection with the killing of […] Read More >