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Venezuelan President to Visit China and OPEC Countries as Economy Worsens

Top Story — Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will embark on a week-long tour of China and several OPEC countries in a move to reverse Venezuela’s tumbling economy, he announced during […] Read More >

Obama Signs Bill Authorizing Sanctions Against Venezuelan Officials

The Latin America News Dispatch will take a short break from publishing our daily newsletter Today in Latin America to celebrate the holidays. Felices Fiestas from the Latin America News […] Read More >

Venezuelan Capital Hit by Blackouts as Country’s Economy Worsens

Top Story — A blackout struck downtown and east Caracas on Thursday afternoon, causing subway stations to cease operating and passengers to be evacuated. Thursday’s blackout is the latest to […] Read More >

Falling Oil Prices, a Curse for Venezuela, May Benefit Argentina

Top Story — The beleaguered economies of Venezuela and Argentina are likely to be affected in sharply contrasting ways by a sustained drop in the price of oil, which reached […] Read More >

Maduro Puts Price Limits on Barbies, Fearing Holiday Speculation

Top Story — Barbies are flying off the shelf in Venezuela after its socialist government mandated the plastic dolls be sold at a special discount price for the holidays. The […] Read More >

As Republicans Retake U.S. Senate, Calls For Venezuela Sanctions

Top Story — U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida announced on Wednesday his desire for sanctions against Venezuelan officials during a press conference in Bogota, Colombia. Rubio’s trip comes on […] Read More >

Shootout Between Authorities and Militiamen Leaves Five Dead in Caracas

Top Story — A shootout between Venezuelan police and pro-government militia members in downtown Caracas left five dead and four injured. A high-profile militia leader anticipated his own death during […] Read More >

Venezuelan Lawmaker Stabbed to Death Under Mysterious Circumstances

Top Story — A Venezuelan lawmaker was stabbed to death on Wednesday night in what authorities said was a carefully planned slaying. Robert Serra, 27, of the ruling socialist party […] Read More >

Venezuela: Police Killing Of Chilean Diplomat’s Daughter Causes Outcry

Today in Latin America Top Story — Twelve Venezuelan police officers are being investigated in the Saturday shooting death of Karen Berendique, the nineteen year-old daughter of the Chilean consul in […] Read More >

Venezuela: 1,200 Visitors Held Hostage In Prison Released

Today in Latin America Top Story — Inmates in Venezuela’s Uribana Jail on Wednesday released approximately 1,200 hostages that they prevented from leaving on Sunday during visiting hours, an apparent attempt […] Read More >